Emily Ietaka helped find a new home for my father. She was patient and listened closely to our needs and preferences as we discovered them. Our desired geographical range was small and got even smaller as we really started to look around, but Emily was never daunted. She walked us through every step and was always available to talk us through any of our concerns. Buying and selling a home can be an ordeal, but Emily made the entire process as painless as possible and we are ever grateful for that.

~ Angela Donovan

Emily has been an amazing agent in every possible aspect. We know we are not easy clients to deal with. We are sticklers for details and the little things that would probably drive most agents bananas! Emily was amazing every step of the way. She was always on our side, negotiating things on our behalf all the time...even things we had no idea we could ask for! She was always working towards our best interests behind the scenes. Emily’s personality shines through in her work. She is an extremely loyal and trustworthy person. You can really feel those qualities when you interact with her. Emily was never pushy, not even for a second. She was very honest and hard-working. She went step-by-step through the whole process, always making sure that we understood what was going on. She was ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile, and always had our back. To put it simply, Emily has great insight to share with her clients. Her professionalism and competence is unmatched!

~ Julia Kaluga

When my wife and I decided it was time to help her elderly parents move closer to us, we turned to Emily to help us through the process. My wife’s father is suffering through the middle-to-late stages of dementia, and so we had additional concerns beyond those of generally caring for aging parents. Emily provided the personal service and professional support that we needed to find the perfect property to suit our needs. Emily educated us ahead of time on the market conditions at the time of our purchase so that we were able to prepare our finances appropriately and make a competitive offer on short notice. While we initially had our eyes on a particular house on our own street, Emily took the time to fully understand what we were trying to achieve so that we could keep our options open. It turned out that the nearby house was not the right fit for us, and looking at other properties in the area led us to the perfect place just a few blocks away. Given my father-in-law’s mental state, we knew that he would tolerate looking at no more than one house on a given day, so Emily coordinated a second visit with the seller’s agent so that we could bring my parents-in-law over for a look before we made our final decision to make an offer. Emily helped us put together a very competitive offer that, after a short series of counter-offers, resulted in acceptance by the sellers. She then worked with us throughout the escrow period, running interference with the seller’s agent, loan officer, and escrow service. She provided recommendations on inspectors and scheduled inspections. She stayed in the loop throughout and made sure that nothing slipped through the cracks. Even though we have purchased a home before, we still had many questions, and Emily very patiently took the time to make sure all were answered thoroughly. In the end, we closed successfully and took ownership of a beautiful retirement home for my wife’s parents. We’ve had them over for a “pre-move picnic” to see how her father would take to the place. It was a great success, as he sat peacefully in the backyard eating his lunch while watching our young boys playing in the jacuzzi! Emily made it all possible.

~Gulam Emadi

In October of 2017, we decided to sell the house that we had lived in for the past 12 years. Even though it was a tough decision, Emily made the transition from old home to new a seamless one. We were looking for a house that had a swimming pool, large enough room for a family of four, a good neighborhood, a big yard and an excellent school district, this was just as important as the house itself. Emily started looking for us immediately, she asked many questions about the criteria of the house we were looking for and went to work. With each house we passed on, Emily began to understand what we were looking for. It wasn’t long before we walked into the house we eventually purchased. Throughout both escrows – the house we were selling and the new house. Emily was on top of all the paperwork, and kept us informed throughout each step. She explained the selling process and approach she was going to take based on the market at that time, she was present during all the inspections and kept us well informed during the open house we held. Our house sold in 5 days with only 1 open house weekend. We received multiple offers and we accepted an offer for $30,000 over listing price. On the house that we purchased Emily was again the professional we relied on. She was in constant contact with the sellers’ agent and sold our family to the agent which in turn sold us to the seller. She was on the phone with us or would come over in person to discuss any related paperwork that needed to be signed and was able to explain every document to us before we signed. Emily negotiated the deal for us and got us into the house of our dreams. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone I know to represent them during the roller coaster ride of buying and selling your homes. She is truly a professional, caring, dedicated, and passionate about her profession. She was willing to go the extra mile for us during these negotiations.

~ jnksamler

Emily Ietaka is hard working and goes the extra mile for her clients. She helped me with my goal to sell a commercial apartment building and downsize to a smaller townhouse. She was patient and knowledgeable while leading me through the process. No matter what issue came up, Emily did the research to make sure that I had all of the best information available to make my decisions. No matter the size property, I would be happy to recommend Emily to anyone looking to buy or sell.

~ Giuseppe Moro

Emily is a spunky and outgoing Realtor who is willing to go the extra mile for your home buying needs. On more than one occasion she drove by a place we thought we were interested in to get a sense of the neighborhood and stop to talk with neighbors. Her honesty and knowledge of San Fernando Valley was invaluable to us because we were moving to LA from out of state. She was always available for calls, texts and emails. She was patient with our indecisiveness and loving toward our whole family. We'd highly recommend her to any family looking for a great advocate who will work hard to find you the right home.

~ Jen & Steve J.

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