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How I Can Help You Sell a Home

Helping find a buyer for your home is only one facet of a real estate professional’s job. There are many more aspects including explaining the basic real estate practices and principles and all the related paperwork, Performing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help determine your home’s value, helping to prepare your home for sale, listing your home, marketing your home, keeping you informed throughout the process. When the sale begins, it’s important to work with someone who will assist you with the paperwork, negotiate on your behalf, make sure deadlines are met, and work with the escrow company.

What is my home worth?

In a world of ibuyers and fluctuating real estate markets, you don’t want to guess at your home value or you may end up leaving real money on the table.  Emily Ietaka has years of experience helping clients get the most dollar for their home. That history of working in this area has made her exceptionally good at understanding home values and market fluctuation. She  knows that no algorithm can accurately price your home, that is why she offers a personalized competitive market analysis of your home.

Luxury Living Room
Staged Living Room

Tips that will get you more money when selling a home.


Rent a storage locker and remove all non essential/personal items while your house is on the market. 

  • This will make the home both easier to clean and to maintain. 
  • It will also allow you peace of mind to have your belongings far from any accidental damage during an open house
  • Allows future home buyers to envision your homes potential in their world.

Deep Clean

Even if you plan to go over things… it is a good idea to hire a professional. The minimal investment in a professional cleaning service could end up returning your investment many times over. 


Professional photos are a must. While it is true cell phones have come a long way in the last decade… nothing compares to a professional photographer. Poor quality will disappear into the background. Buyers are extremely savvy and they know what they are looking for. If you don’t have enough high quality photos… you may not get another look. 

A professional photographers knows all the ins and outs of lighting, depth, and composition. Using the right settings, they can enhance the natural beauty of your home.

With the growth of technology in the real estate markets, many professionals can also offer virtual walkthroughs and drone flyovers of your property. These services all add extra value to the prospective home buyers and go a long way to bringing in top dollar.

Home Staging
Home Staging


Hiring a professional to stage your home will definitely increase it’s earning potential. Helps in many ways:

  • It can help you sell your home quickly and for more money by presenting it in the best possible light.
  • It creates an atmosphere that is both open and inviting. It enforces the idea that you took good care of your home and ads to the peace of mind of the potential buyers.
  • A staged home feels larger and more open. Plus, it gives you a head start on the packing process.
  • It sets you apart from the rest of the homes the buyers have likely gone through. The real estate market is highly competitive and a staged home can help you close the deal faster than other properties in the area.
  • Agents walk through homes all day long. The homes that stand out in the agents minds are the homes that are clean, organized, and properly staged.
  • It creates the type of home someone can envision themselves in.

When you work with me, you will:

  • Be more likely to realize the highest return on the sale of your home
  • Reduce the number of days your home is on the market
  • Become familiar with all the terms, processes and paperwork involved in selling your home
  • Have confidence that your home will enjoy exposure to more buyers and agents with qualified buyers
  • Receive regularly updated market information that will enable you to make informed decisions
  • Have a skilled negotiator working on your behalf
  • Have peace of mind knowing that all the details of your sale are being handled properly by a licensed and trained professional
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